Posted May 13 2022

Training Manuals: the Collège continues its digital journey!


The Collège de l’immobilier du Québec, the leader in real estate brokerage training in Quebec, is taking a step further to adapt to the needs of its students. Residential and commercial real estate brokerage textbooks are now available online and downloadable. As additional resources, digital manuals promise to be essential to students in skills development. 

In addition to the technological developments marking the last 24 months: offering exams virtually in order to reduce the travel of its students, allowing students and teachers to transfer graded work digitally, the creation of a web form to facilitate future students in their search for information on the programs offered, the implementation of a CRM to facilitate the processing of future student files, Open Houses now offered virtually by webcast to future students to offering a remote option, and the creation of a brand new virtual formula for the Skills Review Workshop for the OACIQ exam, the Collège de l'immobiier du Québec is proud to announce the launch of its digital textbooks.

The digital textbooks, offered both in French and English depending on the choice of the program, present several interesting features for students:

  • Research tool
  • Annotation tool
  • Hyperlink to websites of interest
  • Interactive glossary
  • Interactive Table of Contents


A summary of expertise

The Collège de l’immobilier du Québec textbooks are written by a team of real estate experts. Updated each year and consistent with the objectives of the program and of the OACIQ competency framework, the manuals reflect the most recent changes in the Quebec real estate brokerage industry.

The Collège is the first real estate training institution in the province to include a digital version of its textbooks when purchasing the printed version, thus reaffirming its position as the leader in real estate training in Quebec.