Posted Jan. 30 2023


Correspondence Training Program: a New Learning Management System, for an Even More Complete Approach


The Collège de l’immobilier innovates by implementing a new learning management system, an optimized experience for its correspondence students.


For students, this new portal offers a more complete and turnkey experience, including:

  • Real-time monitoring of the program and their progress
  • Submitting work directly on the virtual platform
  • All documentation and tools in one place
  • Online exams
  • Notifications when assignments are revised and during important stages of their progress
  • And much more !


“At the Collège, we are always attentive to the desires of our students, and we develop solutions in order to support them throughout their education journey. This new portal offers students who choose the correspondence formula a support tool focused on their success. At a glance, they have a complete overview of their program and progress. What an incredible opportunity to upskill their training!”


  • Elodie Parriaux, assistant director, pedagogical services


“The portal makes it easy for me to track my progress throughout my program. I am independent and autonomous, I can access my information at any time, and the visual is nice. I like!”


– Nicolas B., correspondence training program student


The Collège de l’Immobilier du Québec, Leader in Correspondence Real Estate Training

The Collège’s correspondence learning formula has proven its worth. The Collège is proud to offer its students a flexible method that respects their pace, their schedule and their desire for autonomy. Always attentive to their needs, the Collège places technological innovation at the heart of its learning strategies, for the greater benefit of its students.