The Collège team

One of the great strengths of the Collège de l'immobilier du Québec lies in its team of teachers. They have extensive knowledge of the real estate industry as a result of their professional activities and their involvement in different real estate associations and organizations.


Our administrative team, located on all three campuses, deploys all of the necessary resources to ensure that the Collège's training programs run smoothly.

Our admissions advisors

Julie Roussel

Admissions Advisor, ext 271

Dominic Couture

Admissions Advisor, ext 283

Stanley Saint-Jean

Admissions Advisor, ext 286

Our student services officers

Rami Dib

Student Services Officer, option 5-1

Sonia Llas

Student Services Officer, option 5-2

Our board of directors  

Benoit Sanscoucy, President

André Poulin, Vic- President

Christian Parent

Philippe Duby

Daniel Godin

Marc-Antoine Vézina

Melissa Lampron

Luc Vaillancourt

Sonia Béliveau, secretary