Basic training

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Our training formats

In class

In class Basic training

The College offers in-person classroom training on its three campuses (Île-des-Soeurs, Laval and Rive-Sud), with a daytime or evening/weekend schedule, in French or English. Several cohorts start throughout the year and offer complete and adapted training.


Hybrid Basic training

Brand new at the College de l'immobiier du Québec! The hybrid formula allows students to combine distance and in-person learning. 

Available in French or English, following a day or evening/weekend schedule, the student can benefit from the advantages of both types of teaching.

The virtual class days make it possible to reconcile personal and professional life, and in-person days offer the opportunity to exchange with other students in a classroom environment.

For virtual days, according to a specific schedule, the teacher and students connect to a virtual platform simultaneously through a computer, tablet or mobile device connected to the Internet. For  in-person class days, students travel to the designated campus.


Virtual Basic training

All programs are available in a virtual classroom. This enables students to better balance their personal and professional life. At specific times, the teacher and students log on to a virtual platform simultaneously through a computer, tablet or mobile device connected to the Internet. Classes are held during the day, evenings and weekends.

All participants can interact directly, which promotes dialogue and the acquisition of knowledge. Course sessions are kept in the virtual platform and are available two weeks after their recording, so that students can access them during this period if they want to repeat a course at their convenience.

Virtual classes are available in English and French.


Correspondence Basic training

Our Residential Real Estate brokerage program is offered by correspondence. By choosing this teaching formula, the student has the opportunity to go through his program at his own pace. You have to show autonomy, discipline and good time management in order to successfully complete the courses. An academic coach will be available to answer questions from the student, by email. This program, although autonomous, presents an order of courses, at the time of the registration of each one. Final exams for each course are taking place in virtual. The student has 6 months to complete each course he has enrolled in, with a maximum of 4 courses at a time. The program must be completed with 24 months.